Lemanjá x FFM

Lemanjá and styleproofed teamed up and organised an event and Pop-up Store in September of 2020  in Frankfurt am Main, Germany at the impressive ZiegertKnight interior spaces.

Julia Freitag did the styling, concept and art direction of the interior visualisation. As the new Lemanjá fringe Kimonos launched in September, the concept of this pop up event was fringes everywhere!

It started with a little kickoff event including drinks and a pink goddess walk in front of the beautiful skyline of Frankfurt at THE FOUR SUITE of ZiegertKnight.

For the following days, Julia Freitag also concepted and styled the interior for the pop up store place at the ZiegertKnight Store, that is located near the FOUR SUITE. Invited women and walk in customers had the chance to try on, feel and buy the beautiful dresses.


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